Alix Carr-Harris loves humans, coffee and building community.

As someone who has moved 48 times in her life, she dives in to connect with everyone she meets with joy and enthusiasm.  After 10yrs on the road in a corporate sales position and many years in the food service industry, Alix and Sietse decided, over many cups of coffee, to create a life and business that provides them with time together on their beautiful Wolfe Island property and the opportunity to connect with other beauty humans in their eclectic community. 

As a human who's moved 48 times and started a business in a pandemic, community and community building are priorities for Alix both personally and professionally. 

How we live and do business together has a significant ripple effect so let's keep doing it better together. 

Alix will bring the coffee and gut laughs. 


Sietse Hylkema is low-key awesome.

Growing up on the ocean in rural Nova Scotia in an entrepreneurial family that values the dedication of good design, Sietse digs immersing himself in the process of creating, transforming, altering, moving, building, fine-tuning and just "plain old figuring it out". 

Whether he is deconstructing and reconstructing a boat or a home, brewing craft beer or transforming a cattle barn into an events and coffee roasting space or building bike and skate ramps for the boys or helping a friend create a Dr. Zeus-styled instrument on water, Sietse's curiosity, patience and joy in the journey make him the mad-skilled human that he is, a creator of many fine things and an excellent playmate.

So when, after several weeks of "what next" conversations, a hefty box was delivered to the house and Sietse headed out to the BBQ with the hefty box in one hand and a new WhirlyPop Popcorn Pot in the other, it was not surprising that the craft of coffee roasting piqued his interest and brewed up a new adventure.