What is "Microlot" Coffee?

It depends on who you ask along the coffee supply chain from farmer, processor, distributor to roaster.  

We source microlot coffees from Café Imports, a specialty coffee importer out of the US because we appreciate how they do business.

We also have a “Relationship” coffee with Mayan Mountain, a women’s coffee collective in the northern highlands of Guatemala.

What is "relationship coffee"?

Relationship coffee is a forged, long-standing, mutually beneficial relationship with a coffee cooperative. Read more on relationship coffees at The Perfect Daily Grind

I am NOT a Coffee Connoisseur, can I still enjoy Haymakers coffee my way?

Neither are we!! We are developing our palate as we gain experience trying new coffees and brew methods and we have so much more to learn.

This is the adventure for us and we dig doing it along with you!

We often have market customers apologize for adding dairy and sugar to their Haymakers Coffee—We do not judge your palate. If you like your coffee dark and to bark at you too, all good. We all like what we like, no shade.

What is important to you about your coffee?

The important part for us is to know where our coffee is from and how it is sourced because what and how we buy creates a ripple effect that positively or negatively affects many people and the planet. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about adapting as we learn.

Do you have a Dark Roast?

As one fave human asks every time he shows up at market – "Have you created a roast dark and black like my
soul yet?" – Not yet... yet. ;)

Why don't you put the bean information on your packaging?

Good question.

We chose to package our coffee with TekPak Solutions which is a plastics alternative packaging company out of Hamilton, ON that created Omnidegradeable packaging products.

TekPak Solutions is to date the only coffee packaging company we found that provides a product that:

  1. Is shelf-stable and able to keep Haymakers Coffee beans fresh for many months
  2. Degrades in a home compost (with recyclable one-way valve and tintie removed)
  3. When packaging does degrade, their “secret sauce” enables microbes to consume all of the product relatively quickly and without leaving microbeads of plastic.

As a small-batch coffee roaster we do not fulfill the volume needed for rad custom printing so we stamp all our bags right now. Since our coffees change often, that would mean A LOT of stamps!

Is Haymakers Coffee Co. organic and fairtrade? 

Most of the coffees we roast are certified organic. Some are organic by circumstance – They aren't in a position to use pesticides and farm organically with what they have.

Regarding fairtrade recognition, the circumstances are much the same. Some coffee collectives pay for certification, while other farms are specialty coffee producers and work alongside specialty coffee importers who pay premiums above market value and invest directly into these farms and communities. 

If certification is available from our partners, it will usually be included in the coffee description.

How does grind affect my coffee?

Coffee-making involves extracting flavour (and caffeine) from coffee grounds. The finer the grind of your coffee beans, the more you increase the exposed surface area of the grounds, resulting in faster extraction.

Think fine-ground coffee for espresso machines — The water from an espresso maker passes very quickly at high pressure through the grounds. Cold brew, on the other hand, is made with coarse-ground coffee — This cold-extraction method has the coffee sit with the water for a much longer period of time.

If your coffee tastes watery and acidic, you may be grinding your beans too coarsely for the time and temperature that your coffee uses to develop its flavour profile. Try a finer grind, and see if that fixes the issue. If your coffee tastes overly bitter, you may be grinding too finely —A coarser grind may improve your brew.

Particle size
in millimeters
Consistency similar to
Best for
Etra coarse 1.5 Rock Salt Cold Brew
Coarse 1 Coarse Sea salt
French Press, Percolators
Medium 0.75 Beach Sand
Pour-over, Chemex, Drip Coffee Maker
Medium-fine 0.5 Table Salt
Moka Pot (stovetop espresso), Aeropress, Siphon
Fine 0.3 Fine Granulated Sugar Espresso
Superfine 0.1 Flour
Turkish Coffee

How should I store my coffee? 

Keeping freshly roasted beans in a resealable, foil-lined bag with a one-way valve will help to protect them from the elements. The valve allows the coffee to release carbon dioxide safely without being exposed to too much air for the first few days after being roasted.

However, transferring your beans into an airtight and preferably non-transparent container once you get home is the best way to keep your Haymakers Coffee Co. beans fresh.

This will protect your coffee from oxygen, humidity, and direct sunlight. It's also recommend that coffee be stored no more than two months to maintain the freshest results.

What can I do with my coffee grounds? 

  • Coffee scented candles - Video here
  • Gardening - Add grounds to your compost pile to safely add nutrients to your plants. Remember, coffee grounds are acidic and can potentially damage vegetation when used directly on the soil.
    As an added bonus, grounds can help attract worms to aid in decomposition. 
  • Repel insects and pests - Certain compounds found in coffee can by highly toxic to insects. they are effective at deterring mosquitoes, fruit flies, and beetles. 
    Simply set out bowls of grounds, or sprinkle them around seating areas to help keep these pets away.
  • Find more ideas of what to do with your grounds here

What is the best way to brew with a French Press?

When compared to other brewing methods, the French press can be a lot more forgiving if you aren’t precise. While you have to be much more careful about how you pour water and not to do it too fast with some methods, the French press is almost infallible and a sure fire way to brew your coffee.

Here's a quality recipe to help get you started:

What you'll need

  • filtered water
  • coffee beans
  • a grinder
  • a kettle
  • a scale
  • a timer
  • a spoon
  • a serving cup
  • the French press itself

This recipe serves three and requires: 

  • 36g coffee, ground medium to coarse
  • 660ml of water, heated to 93.5°C
  • Additional water heated to 93.5°C for preheating 

For every additional person, add 12g more coffee and another 220ml of water, but make sure your French press is big enough.

  1. Start by preheating the French press with the additional heated water. Discard this water, then add the coffee to the pot. For best results, you should grind just before brewing.
  2. Start your timer and pour 540g of hot water into the pot, saturating the coffee completely. Place the lid on the pot without pushing the plunger down.
  3. After two minutes, remove the lid and gently stir the coffee.
  4. Add the remaining 120gs of water, then skim off any oils and grounds floating on the surface.
  5. Replace the lid, wait for four minutes, then slowly press the plunger down. Pour and serve your coffee.
  6. Slow down and enjoy!



Though we don't utilize a standard subscription option, if you reach out to us at hello@haymakerscoffeeco.com we can set you up with a custom draft order subscription that offers shipping, local delivery, or pick-up options.

We are stoked to offer FREE LOCAL delivery to Wolfe Island
and the Kingston area (dependant on postal code and address).

When you order, please let us know in the delivery notes how you brew your coffee if you would like to have your coffee ground. 

Where to find us

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  • The Market at Wolfe Island Commons
    Saturdays, 9am-1pm, May to Oct
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    Sundays, 10am-2pm, Nov to Apr
    Sundays, 9am-2pm, May to Oct


Haymakers Coffee Co. is a home-based business and we work full-time on the side. What this means is that we can only accommodate drop-ins to the roastery with pre-scheduled appointments.

Please reach out to us at hello@haymakerscoffeeco.com to book a visit and sign up to our mailing list for updates about our full tour launch, coming soon!


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