Our Story

“It’s about time”

  • It’s about the ritual of brewing your perfect cup.
  • The half an hour spent anchoring your day in flavor and aroma.
  • It’s about that stolen hour with a good friend and the laughter that ripples across the surface of your brew.
  • The long hours spent as the beans slowly ripen beneath the shade of avocado or cashew trees.
  • It’s about the time spent tending seedlings and nurturing trees planted by grandfathers and passed down to granddaughters. 
  • The precious time spent as community as we grow, roast, grind, brew, and sip.
  • It’s about taking time, and creating time for yourself and the people you love.

At Haymakers, we roast single origin, microlot coffees with a focus on sustainability.

Creating great coffee takes time, at every step of the process. And it creates time to enjoy the things that you love.

Drawing our inspiration from the beauty of our island and the rad humans of our eclectic community, we seek to create time and opportunity for everyone; from our growers to your morning cup.  

Haymaker’s Coffee Co. began as most of our adventures together have started – as a curiosity.  

We dig coffee.  

Coffee is a staple ingredient in all our big decisions, at family meetings. 

Coffee fueled our early relationship and continues to keep us going as parents and business owners.

The Coffee

A few years ago life threw us a curveball and out came the Italian CX-25 Bellman Stovetop Espresso Maker (image personal IG).  Brewing, downloads and discourse unfolded.  

When that long awaited package arrived from Toronto, the Whirley Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper came in from the barn and the BBQ tank was filled with propane. Roasting coffee beans started in the middle of Winter, in a Whirley Pop, on the BBQ and we thought it was AWESOME.  (image)


The coffee?


Not so good.


But we loved it.  


From those humble beginnings we’ve learned forward the hard way and the coffee just keeps getting better. 

We love the constant learning: 

  • Roasting to develop the unique and wonderful flavors from the beans
  • The cupping process to test our roasts (which includes loud slurping)
  • Discovering the many flavor profiles in coffee from around the world that we didn’t know existed 
  • And, best of all, sharing our coffee with friends and strangers  


So good. It wasn’t long before we retired the Whirly Pop back to popcorn duty and turned our attention on to a 2.5kg Diedrich Roaster. 


The Roastery

We built our roastery with community in mind.  Sietse is a mad-skilled human and a builder of many killa projects (our home, barn reno, bike ramps, boats, bike fenders, lamp out of LEGO packaging… you get the drift. We created our beautiful, functional roasting space as a place for us to feel inspired and for our Haymaker’s customers to feel refueled after spending time with us.  


That’s our jam. We dig good coffee and making a good cup of coffee takes time.


  • We appreciate the time we carve out to enjoy our coffee because it creates space for us to regroup or to reconnect.  
  • The time we make to take care of ourselves, to take a break to sit or to walk alone or to walk with another rad human. 
  • The time we take to rejuvenate our headspace restores our head and heart, with a cup of coffee in hand. 


At Haymaker’s, we are less concerned with our coffee being labeled Fair Trade or Organic than we are with paying a living wage and creating environments that allow growers to do their best work and grow their best product. 

We partner with specialty coffee exporters whose values match ours. They use their powers for good by creating sustainable, dignified work for people in their communities. 

We sourced our packaging from a Canadian company, TekPak Solutions in Hamilton, ON who created a plastics alternative so their packaging is – Omnidegradeable.   

We chose to invest in single origin, microlot, specialty coffee. Learn more about our practices around sustainability.