"Process saves us from the poverty of our intentions."

Sculptor Elizabeth King

My Uncle Bruce said to me once, several lifetimes ago,

"You know what the cool thing is about life, Ali?  You just have to show up."

Back then, I thought what he was saying to me was that to achieve or realize my goals, I must show up to do the work.

Work? I know how to work. No problem.

Wait.  What am I working toward?

Hold on a sec, THEN I will feel fulfilled/happy/free...?!

I hate waiting.

How about I love what I do, NOW?

I think what Uncle Bruce was actually sharing with me was that it's the practice of doing our work everyday, not the potential outcome from the work, that brings the joy.

Super cool.

The cool thing about life is that it's NOW and it's a PRACTICE worth showing up for everyday.


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