Our Story

Haymakers Coffee Co. is a small-batch, family-run roastery. 

We roast single origin, microlot coffees on Wolfe Island, Ontario; a 20min ferry ride from downtown Kingston.  Inspired by the beauty of our island and by the rad humans of our eclectic community, we seek every opportunity to connect with both.

Our joy is to roast the kind of coffee that makes you want to slow down. 

Sietse and I dig coffee.

Coffee is a staple ingredient in all our life decisions.  Coffee fuelled our way through university and our early relationship, and our morning cup continues to save lives as parents and business owners. 

We moved to Wolfe Island 12 years ago to live our dreamy life and we learned what rural, agricultural living is truly about: community.  

When Karen sold us our property based on her “feeling” and Allan showed up with his tractor (before we’d actually met him) to plow us through the wildest snowdrifts at 5:00am so we would make the boat; when we watched farmers and their families share the load of planting and harvest; and when folks showed up for anyone in need of support or celebration, that’s when we realized what living life "Wolfe Island style" meant. This was how we wanted to live our dreamy life.

Then, I was liberated from a corporate job. 

We pulled out the heavy lifter - the Italian CX-25 Bellman Stovetop Espresso Maker - so brewing, downloads, and discourse could unfold. We redesigned our dreamy life to work and live full-time Wolfe Island style, doing something we love.  

We love coffee and community.

Sietse is a mad-skilled maker of many fine things and is curious by nature so taking the time to immerse in the craft of coffee roasting is natural for him. For me, it's all about the people. There is nothing I love more than making time to meet folks and to listen and learn and share and gut laugh and help and…well, to connect.  

This is part of the magic of coffee: the time.

The time we take to brew a cup of coffee.
The time we make to enjoy our coffee.
The time we lose track of as we share a cup with our people.

Coffee offers us time to play, to rejuvenate and to reconnect.

We wanted our coffee to reflect these elements. For folks who care about and connect with their communities we choose quality single origin, microlot coffee beans that are sourced responsibly, packaged sustainably, and shared passionately.